Sunday, 6 February 2011

Plantronics GameCon 367 Closed Ear Gaming Headset Review

I have recently decided to build a new gaming PC; mainly because my laptop is an old, cant take anything more than 5 Centigrade and handle any game remotely powerful piece of garbage. I knew that I would probably need a headset as well that could also work with my laptop until I finish building my new one.
I looked through Amazon to find anything cheap and good for the entry level dumb gaming person such as myself, I found something I thought would do the trick,
The Plantronics Gaming GameCon 367 Closed Ear Gaming Headset was something I thought would do the trick, so I decided to buy it, and decide whether it was good considering the fact that gaming parts usually cost £50~ pounds but I thought I didn't need the most powerful computer known to all of mankind which would be completely envied by the people at CERN, so I decided that it was enough for me.

When I got it 2 days later (which is a amazing for the blokes at Royal Mail, a miracle I presume for the Americans. I decided to test it immediately, because I am that sort of judgemental illegitimate son, and decided to test it by playing some music.
At first I thought the sound quality was a bit off and was a bit disappointed, since I am a over-reacting perfectionist as usual, After a bit I realised it was just because it was new, and it was typical for all similar systems of its type.
Now that was the speaker side done, but I needed an opinion of someone else to whether the microphone was working aswell, because I used Audacity to judge that I personally thought it was acceptable, so I first went to an opinion of an old friend on the gaming platform Steam, with its god-awful voice chat ability, and he decided it was good too, however I decided that the best way to try this was through Skype, so I asked two other friends (since I am an insecure, over-worrying baboon), to talk to me over Skype; the response was also that it was a good headset, so I left the conversation with a smug over-compensating face.

Overall, it is a good entry level gaming headset and for £18 quid you can't really mind the value for its price. Speakers = Good and Microphone = Good.
If you want something like what I wanted, this is one of your best bets.



  1. Even though I splash out sometimes buying some mid range hardware, I can never bring msyelf to spend more than 5 pound for a headset lmao.

  2. Lol plantronics, they make the worst headphones, go buy something like sennheiser / bose / or the new corsair headphones if you want good quality.
    Nice blog too, i'll be following it

  3. I only chose it because it was cheap, and the headset is actually very good for its price, It's difficult like hell to get a headset for less than £5, on Amazon anyway.

  4. Yeah hard as hell to find them cheap on Amazon