Thursday, 5 January 2012

A rather late unqualified lookback on Mr Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens is a man who many would say to be an iconoclast, his opinions stirred many on both political spectrums, I got a copy of God is Not Great by him on my Kindle, on Christmas Day, the Kindle also came on Christmas day, at 99p, priced presumably for Christmas almost ironically AND his recent demise, if the price drop was due to respect for the man or a cynical manoeuvre is a relatively hard decision to make.

I wanted to buy two other books instead however both The Missionary Position and No One Left To Lie To, his opinions on both Mother Teresa and the Clinton family are not available, in the UK at least, on Kindle.
Now there are 2 reasons why I do not want to buy the print version.
1) Too fucking expensive
2) I have 4 print books which have been basically untouched due to procrastination and my Kindle, along with another print book assigned to me by a friend which I am a quarter way through.

The left had many issues with his positions on the Iraq war however they were justified by primarily 2 reasons.
1) Saddam Hussein was basically a fanatical Sharia supporting cunt, similar to many member of the Republic Party in America, with Sharia being replaced with Biblical Law, a term I just made up since I have nothing better to do than make up words which make me seem like a intellectual when I have no such mental capabilities and the words sprouting out of my fingers are like the typical conversation with a man of Down's Syndrome or a 'Mong' as a certain Mr Gervais of London likes to call them.
2) He also spouted (with class, I am not insulting the man) the same opinion on the Falklands, which we should note that the inhabitants of the area DID NOT want the Argentinian junta being there; for quite a similar reason, so it's a bit like the Jews of Poland thinking that Hitler would be kind when he was invading Poland while engaging in the Holocaust in Germany, Austria (his birth place), Czechoslovakia, among other countries.

He gained both a lot of allies and a lot of enemies however, to say that this man had no effect on the society in which he lived or that he was not only a prolific writer but a astonishing journalist, who stated what he saw and what he believed with such genuineness and honesty, would be an outright lie.

RIP Christopher Hitchens (1949-2011)

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